Film, music, theater, shopping, gourmet … there is everything to do in Paris. Lovers of all the pleasures of the world find a magical space to meet their wishes in this shining city on the banks of the Seine.
The City of Light, one of the world’s most romantic.
It is known as the “city of lights”, as it was the first city in the world to have electric light or as the “city of love”, as every corner evoke romance. It is also one of the most tourist cities of the world, walk its streets every year about 30 million tourists.
Paris is a city with many possibilities and hundreds of beautiful places to meet, where you can have a romantic dinner aboard one of the many boats that cross the Seine river, listening to music in the light of the moon as the river runs through Paris . One evening on the lawn of the Elysian fields, a stroll through the Latin Quarter or listen to some live music at one of the bars of the most bohemian area of Paris, places that have inspired great global artists, painters , poets, musicians.
Therefore, visiting Paris in a few days is tricky. Too many delights to discover, from their most famous architectural works, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe, through its more than 150 museums like the Louvre mythical or the Pompidou Centre, to one of its stately streets, the Champs Elysees. Paris catches everything, and all those who visit want to return. This is because the City of Light, dazzles.