“Get out of the country!” the anger resounded in Argentina. The political crisis blew out of control and President Fernando de La Rua’s regime left.
December 2001: Buenos Aires was on fire. Argentineans on the streets fought police repression and the banks locked down. Add to this four presidents in less than two weeks, the hunger, the anguish and malnourished children. Burning stores and the following bankruptcy. The ending of the dollar-peso parity brought long lines of Argentinians trying to rescue their money from the bank.

Antonio, a barber almost 60 years old, lost everything and later the same thing happened to his neighbors.

Then the country had elections: Eduardo Duhalde was elected for 2002 and Nestor Kirchner in 2003. In the end, the same people who led the country to disaster stayed in power.

Thus, step by step, the “City of the Poor Hearts” start to be reborn. The people came back to the bars with their favorite tunes playing in the background: the Tango. Meanwhile, Antonio, the barber, still cuts hair for a dollar or less.